A whole bunch of advertisements that pass by us every day that may seem artistically jaw dropping, its style and content are attractive, but occasionally the audience that the ads are targeting has a cultural and awareness level that is not suited to the look, the style or even the content of the ad, therefore the ad turns out to be fairly good but mostly vague and as a result it doesn’t touch the consumer on a personal level!


We see the community as Circles of People, Students, Engineers, Doctors, Artists, Merchants, Housewives and more, Each Circle is comfortable to and can be reached with a certain and different style.


They relate to similar colors, styles, behaviors, language and speech, they have their hang-out places, their culture, economic level and they cherish their own traditions. An advertisement isn’t just an abstract design that is new and innovative.




The ad is a message that is intended to a circle or a group of people, a message that should suit each circle and hit its core, a message that is clear, creative and most of all understandable and reachable, a message that matches with the circle or circles that is targeted with its level of awareness and culture and it should leave a huge impact in each of them.


Our mission is to reach every circle to include them and understand its way of thinking, Its ambitions, Its culture, What attracts them and How they talk So that when we tend to reach them in an ad We let them define the ad’s look, type and place of representation, so that all we get is a simple reachable ad that catches their attention and is considered understandable and innovative by their values.


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